Winter Games Under the Lights Information

Welcome to the 2017 Winter Games Under the Lights at the Jack Kirrane Rink at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline, Massachusetts!

We are very excited about hosting you for the first ever Valley Hockey League outdoor games! VHL will be hosting ten games here for the season. Playing at Larz is a special opportunity as it is the largest park in Brookline. It is also an opportunity to experience some old-school hockey. With the excitement of playing at a historic outdoor facility comes some important information to note. 

First and foremost, when you arrive please park your vechile in the lower lots. Parents are NOT allowed to drive all the way up to the rink entrance/building for drop off. Please park below and walk up the steps.

Locker Rooms:

Secondly, the main building is pretty small and only has two semi private locker areas and then a larger common area. Teams should dress in the locker area and then take their bags out to the common room before jumping on the ice for their game.  This is critical. This way the teams playing after them will have the two locker areas available to them for dressing before the next game. Same will go for those teams as well, they need to clear out of the locker area once dressed and leave their bags in the common area.

What to Wear: 
Please know that Larz is a windy spot at the top of a hill so parents and fans dress appropriately with many layers! On a cold night (below 25 degrees) our players use cold gear on lower and upper body, skull caps under their helmets and liners in their gloves. 

Game Information:
You can expect a national anthem and everyone gets a little time in the spotlight with a team introduction! Players, please stand along the side boards on the small ice surface to the side. There are no benches, no penalty boxes, this is true old time hockey! We hope you are as excited as we are about the first ever Winter Games Under the Lights, now let's get ready for the big match-ups!