Squirt – Week Ending Feb. 4



Winchester and Lexington/Bedford both won twice and Greater Lowell posted a win and a tie against Natick. Caiden Brody scored twice in Winchester’s 6-1 victory over Wellesley – and Georgia Costello, Johnnie Garmey and Chase Fitch all wore hats, Costello with four assists and Garmey two, and Cooper Spence had two assists in a 10-3 win over Dorchester, Ezekiel with a goal and an assist in the loss; Adam O’Shaughnessy scored two goals and set up another and Sam Zucker pitched a shutout in Lexington/Bedford’s 4-0 triumph over Triton – and Walker wore the hat in a 5-2 win over Triboro; Charlie Wilkie scored twice and Cam Caron had a goal and an assist in Lowell’s 4-1 victory over Natick – and Ben Carallo scored the tying goal 18 seconds into the third period and Keegan Hunt posted 1-1-2 as Lowell tied Natick 3-3, Hubbard with two goals for Natick;


Blasi scored one goal and dished out three assists and Baker scored two goals and set up another in South Boston’s 8-5 win over Dorchester – Nolan O’Sullivan and Madelyn Murphy with two goals apiece in the loss; Nyhan’s second goal of the game, with 4:05 left, gave Concord a 4-4 tie with Triboro – Doherty with 1-2-3 for Concord; and Luke Holmes pitched a shutout and Tyler Russo scored early as Cape Ann edged Andover 1-0.




Assabet had a win and a tie in the North. Christian Scalesse scored twice, Rory McNeill had two assists and Assabet built a 4-0 lead and held off Framingham 4-3 – Grady Idelson with 1-1-2 in the loss – and Ella Souza scored the tying goal with 3:27 left and Evelyn Doyle clicked for two goals and an assist as Assabet pulled out a 3-3 tie with Belmont, Jed Murphy with 1-1-2 and Adam Bauer two assists for Belmont;


Dan Gentiles scored both goals in Parkway’s 2-2 tie with Arlington; Maxim Piolipas had 2-1-3, Rocco Cook set up three goals and Shan’t Gebeyan also scored twice as Waltham trimmed Medford 7-5; and Jake Betts posted 1-2-3, Cam Lanziero scored twice in Tewksbury’s 6-4 victory over Reading – No. 6 with two goals in the loss.


Acton-Boxboro won twice in the South. Sam Stein scored two goals and set up another, Andrew Archer and Jack Dunton both delivered a goal and an assist and Travis Bermingham had two assists in an 8-4 victory over NH East, Connor Jaworski with a hat trick in the loss – and Stein scored twice and Alex Han had 1-1-2 in a 5-4 decision over Melrose, Quinn Haggerty with two goals and John Recinito 1-1-2 in the loss;


Jason Hecht scored twice, Tom Mitchell, Hadley Gibbons, Colby Rice and Naill O’Malley all had 1-1-2 and Rhys Adams pitched a shutout in Needham’s 7-0 victory over the Railers; Dylan Pan scored twice as Brookline topped Cambridge 4-1; Jack Van Dorpe and Abigail Poole scored late, Poole connecting with 1:52 remaining to give Wakefield a 4-4 tie with Beverly – Collin Murray and Henry Mills with 1-1-2 apiece for Beverly; Bradley Blair scored with 24 seconds left gave the Railers a 4-3 decision over Hyde Park – Austin Dono with 1-2-3 and Justin Bowler 1-1-2 in the win; and Mike Quigley scored the winner with three minutes left and Cosmo Ciccarello scored twice as Stoneham edged NH East 3-2.




Cape Ann won twice in the North. Dylan DeHaan scored two goals and set up another, William Linn also scored twice and Kam Francis had two assists in a 6-1 victory over North Reading – and Francis scored one goal and handed out three assists and Linn posted 1-1-2 in a 7-3 victory over Winthrop, Holgersen with two goals in the loss;


Ben Woodford and Finn McCabe (two goals) scored 21 seconds apart in a three-goal first period en route to a 4-2 win over Methuen; Norton clicked for 1-2-3, McLaughlin scored twice and Bratica had 1-1-2 as Framingham downed Winchester 8-5 – Jack Burkart with a hat trick and Justin Muse 1-1-2 in the loss; Alec Wilcken scored twice as Winchester defeated Concord-Carlisle 4-1; Cole Enman scored with 3:45 left to give Rochester a 5-5 tie with North Reading – Duncan Gulino with two goals, Evan Gregiore 1-1-2 and Devin Laver two assists for NR; Price posted 2-1-3 and Walsh and Bailey both had 1-1-2 in Conocrd-Carlisle’s 6-2 win over Groton; Matt DeAngelis (second goal) and Matt Mariani (2-2-4) scored 62 seconds apart in the third period to give Somerville a 6-5 decision over Rochester – Chris Cassesso with 1-2-3 for Somerville and Ben Vaillancourt a hat trick and Logan Barker three assists in the loss.


In the South, Anderson had a goal and an assist and Curley two assists as Lynnfield/Saugus topped Charlestown 7-3; Kayden Byington scored twice and Jack Heffernan posted 1-1-2 as Twin City downed SMS 9-2; Trace McFarland and No. 27 both scored twice and Jake Greely had two assists in South Boston’s 5-3 victory over Masco; Jack Farrell and Max DeCesare both scored twice and Sam Clark had 1-1-2 in Reading’s 9-4 win over Triton – Alex Pasquini and Braden Sheehan with two goals apiece in the loss; and Jack Santonelli scored two goals and set up two others and John Campos also scored twice as Lexington/Bedford trimmed Newton 6-2.


Andover won twice in the East. Max Mulhern scored what turned out to be the winner early in the second period of a 4-1 victory over the NS Vipers – and Nathan Waldinger scored what proved to be the winner 1:03 into the third period of a 3-1 win over Marblehead;


Conrad Magoon’s second goal of the game, with 10:21 left, gave Dorchester a 3-2 decision over Brookline; Cann (second goal) and Churchill scored third-period goals to give Agawam a 3-3 tie with Wilmington – Dan Fogg with two goals for Wilmington; Hollis Stein scored twice and Grady Becker, Hayden Gallo and Drew DePhillips all posted 1-1-2 as Marblehead defeated Agawam 7-3 – Minich with all three goals and Cann two assists in the loss; Nathan Dube clicked for 2-2-4, Zach Hoadley and Ryan Ruzzo both posted 2-1-3, Finnegan Hallen had three assists, Taighe Liddy had 1-1-2 and Aiden Tebeau pitched a shutout as the Railers downed Winchester 7-0; No. 77 came through with 2-2-4, King had 2-1-3 and Starr two assists as the Wizards downed the Edge 7-1; Winchester’s Frank Gustafson and Natick’s Jackson Fisher traded second-period goals in a 1-1 tie; and Emmett Rean posted 2-1-3 and John McNair had 1-1-2 as Allston/Brighton topped the Railers 6-4 – Corey Gaulin with two goals and Hoadley two assists in the loss.


Assabet won twice in the West. Angelina Che scored twice, Lauren Ash scored what turned out to be the winner with 9:34 left and Sara Albanese had two assists in a 3-2 decision over Newburyport – and Haley Abraham wore the hat and had an assist, Ash scored twice and Che had 1-12 in a 7-1 win over Nashoba;


Joey Russo scored with 1:11 left to give Andover a 3-2 decision over Haverhill/Pentucket; Ryan McElroy’s second goal of the game, with 11 seconds left, gave Billerica a 3-2 win over Chelmsford – Sean Valente with 1-1-2 in the win; Will Baldwin wore the hat and Cash Kearney and Joe Sasso both tallied twice in Wakefield’s 9-2 victory over Medford; and Cam Ritchie scored twice in the first period and Ben Pelletier and Jameson Murphy both posted 1-1-2 as Needham trimmed Medford 5-2.


The Leafs had two wins and a tie and Needham a win and a tie (with the Leafs) in the Central. Conor Reilly wore the hat and the Leafs scored five goals in a 7:59 span of the first period and trimmed Wellesley 5-3, Gavin Gemski with two goals and Adrian Dangle 1-1-2 in the loss; Max Pickingbert wore a third-period hat and Travis Levy posted 1-2-3 as the  Leafs defeated Burlington 6-3 – Steve Dalalelis with two assists in the loss; Olivia Beck posted 2-1-3 and Connor Fleming also scored twice in Needham’s 5-1 victory over Waltham -- and No. 20 scored two late goals, the second with 1:10 left, to give the Leafs a 5-5 tie with Needham, Tommy Lavelle with 1-1-2 for the Leafs and Bradley Bloch 1-1-2 for Needham;


Daniel Krasnopolsky scored his second and third goals of the game eight seconds apart midway through the third period, Nolan Ehler assisted on all three goals and Belmont pulled out a 3-3 tie with Dedham – Owen Adams with two goals and Steve Fitzpatrick and Ryan Wilmer two assists apiece for Dedham; Ryan Everett ended Lanzo’s shutout with 2:45 left and gave Beverly a 1-1 tie with Reading – Abrams with a second-period goal for Reading; Freya Gukenberger pitched a shutout and Braeden Shields scored with 8:30 left as Melrose edged Stoneham 1-0; Braeden McKenna wore the hat, Tristan Joyce had 1-2-3 and Ava Buckley scored twice in Peabody’s 9-3 victory over Cape Ann – Salafia with two goals in the loss; and Jack Cahill had two assists as Winchester trimmed Burlington 3-1.




Dorchester won twice in the North. Mike Chuairy scored twice and No. 16 assisted on both goals in a 3-1 victory over Winthrop – and Richard McGrath scored in the second period of a 2-1 decision over Waltham;


Twomey had 1-2-3 and Donohue scored twice in a four-goal second period that sent Amesbury past Acton-Boxboro 4-3 – Evan Yagodzinski with all three goals in the loss; and Dodge and Vigeant both scored twice, Sartell posted 11-2 and Peters had two assists as Greater Lowell got by SMS 5-3 – Knopf with 1-2-3 and C. Matranga 1-1-2 in the loss.


In the South, Paul Smith wore the hat and had an assist, Cam Furbush had two assists and Angelo Covino pitched shutout as Lynnfield/Saugus downed Beverly 6-0; Alex Lynn scored the winner and Evan Couture scored twice as NH East edged S&S; Nico Santosuosso pitched a shutout and Johnny Glynn scored in the first period as Masco topped Triton 2-0; Owen Swanton, scored goals, including a natural hat and two goals in 20 seconds, and had an assist and Emily Mahoney set up two goals as Danvers defeated Methuen 9-3; Benison scored twice as Allston/Brighton edged Wilmington 3-2; Connor Cardoza scored two goals and set up another, Max Costa also scored twice, Vinny Dimartino had 1-1-2 and McCobb pitched a shutout as Medford stopped Peabody 7-0; Andrew Conroy’s second goal of the game, with 8:35 left, gave Tewksbury a 3-2 decision over Brookline; Joe Foscalso and Sean Foley (one assist) scored third-period goals to give Medfield a 4-4 tie with Woburn – Dylan Gellman with 2-1-3 for Woburn; and Mattias Colantrupo posted 2-2-4, Jack Lagan had 2-1-3 and Jackson Murphy also scored twice in Framingham’s 7-3 victory over Woburn.


In the East, Ella McDonald scored four goals and set up another, Kellen Zuzena; dished out four assists and Stephen McCabe clicked for a goal and two assists in Winchester’s 7-0 victory over Andover; No. 25, Emory Allen (second goal) and No. 25 scored third-period goals to give Agawam a 5-3 victory over Somerville – Jack Hickox with two assists in the win and Kailyn French a hat trick in the loss; and Estelle Corbitt delivered a goal and two assists and Ryan McGarrell scored twice as South Boston topped Andover 4-1.


Billerica won twice in the West. Shawn Tierney scored one goals and set up two others and Brendon Nikonchuk had 1-1-2 in Billerica’s 7-2 win over Groton – and Luis Fernandez scored five goals, Noel Feliciano had 1-2-3, Nikonchuk 1-1-2 and Peyton Norton and No. 56 two assists apiece in an 8-1 triumph over Chelmsford;


Jason Juarez scored twice and Christian Renaud had a goal and an assists in Waltham’s 5-1 victory over Newton; Katherine Chaplin scored with 10:06 remaining to give Groton a 2-1 decision over North Reading; Koen Ouellette scored twice as Haverhill/Pentucket defeated Amesbury 4-1; Logan Clover scored with 1:22 left to give Acton-Boxboro a 3-3 tie with Newburyport – Griffin Bobiak with two assists for A-B and Max Repozynski all three goals and Max Maccarone two assists for Newburyport; Cam Circo’s fourth and fifth goals of the game, the fifth with five seconds left to give Beverly a 7-7 tie with Twin City – Luke Marino with 1-1-2 for Beverly and Mark Garner three assists and Ronin Duval and Bradley Scales two goals apiece for TC; and Franz Schroeder delivered 2-1-3, Riley Foy had 1-2-3 and Ricky Broglino scored twice in Lexington/Bedford’s 5-1 victory over Brookline.


Brookline had a win and a tie in the Central. Eita Akahori wore the hat and Waylon Slavin had a goal and an assist in a 5-0 win over Brookline –and Akahori scored twice in the third period and No. 11 followed with 3:26 left to give Brookline a 4-4 tie with Dorchester, Angie McGrath with a natural hat over a 4:08 span of the first period for Dorchester;


Peter Burke wore the hat and had an assist, Matt Hoch scored twice and Bennett Layton pitched a shutout in Concord-Carlisle’s8-0 victory over Methuen; Edward Zeng wore the hat and had an assist and Aidan Greene posted 1-1-2 as Wellesley topped Charlestown 7-1; Marcus Schuster scored the winner with 4:34 left and Carter Houseman scored twice as Belmont edged Melrose 3-2; Jack Dempsey dished out three assists, Finn Pavlik scored twice, No. 11 had 1-1-2 and No. 9 two assists in Needham’s 6-1 win over Parkway; and Ezekiel Bogosian had two goals and an assist and Tristin Ham also scored twice as Framingham edged Wakefield 4-3.

-– MIKE SHALIN, mshalin@valley-associates.com